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Imagine one day Ed goes to deliver his report but Roy’s not in his office, probably going to the bathroom or something, and hardly anyone else is around

So Ed sits in his chair and puts his feet on the desk and impersonates Roy, giving ridiculous pretend orders (“Second lieutenant Havoc, make me a sandwich!”) and has pretend calls with Roy’s superior officers complete with voices and looks at paperwork and then literally throws it over his shoulder and snaps his fingers dramatically and talks about how sexy he is and how he ought to propose to Hawkeye and then Roy comes back and he SCREAMS LIKE A LITTLE GIRL AND FALLS OUT OF THE CHAIR and Roy will never let him forget this incident

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This is a real medical condition known as Gan’s Syndrome, an ocular retinoblastoma occurring in 0.0004% of the total retinoblastoma cases. Ruptured blood vessels create often symmetrical, or at least fractal patterns and though the eye can see, visual acuity is lowered. It can be treated but never cured, though most suffering with the condition live normal lives. Gan’s Syndrome was founded by Dr. Sharon Gan.

wow, so spine chillingly beautiful. Sometimes nature is so beautiful even if it’s hindering a person’s life. 

sadly yet again another fake post
A quick google and you can see nothing by this name exists.

no its real my cousin sasuke has this

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Anime blog: *text post making fun of anime*

no one hates anime as much as the people who watch anime

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if you need cheering up just picture roy mustang lifting edward elric into the air as the circle of life plays in the background

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Now Playing Series - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (OP)

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i said i’d follow you to hell but i’m pretty sure this is it

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Edward Elric being sexy in other garments 
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"I’m so proud of you!"

haha ha ha ….ha -cries-

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perfect recipe for mothers day:

  • Water: 35 l.
  • Carbon: 20 kg. 
  • Ammonia: 4 l. 
  • Lime: 1.5 kg. 
  • Phosphorus: 800 g. 
  • Salt: 250 g. 
  • Saltpeter: 100 g. 
  • Sulfur: 80 g. 
  • Fluorine 7.5 g. 
  • Iron 5 g. 
  • Silicon 3 g. 
  • trace amounts of 15 other elements.
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Still one of my favorite parts, because it introduces the fact that when Edward performed that second transmutation that resulted in the trade of his arm for Alphonse’s soul it linked them together physically/metaphysically.

Ed admits he’s short and that it makes sense he’s short because he has been providing nourishment to Al’s body as it sits in limbo in front of the gate. Ed’s growth has been stunted due to the fact that it’s working for two people.

During the conflict in Baschool where Ed becomes mortally wounded in the mines is also the first time Al experiences his first sign of rejection (previous mentioned by Barry the Chopper). We learn over the few months Ed spends recovering from his grievous injuries that Al’s blackouts occur with alarming frequency.

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